Jennie Stuart Medical Center, Inc. Registered Nurse Special Procedures - Full-Time - First Shift - Cardiology in Hopkinsville, United States

Presents neat appearance in proper attire as required by policy. Wears at all times JSMC ID Badge. Identifies self to the patient and provides information regarding procedure. Implements AIDET for each patient or customer encounter; Acknowledges the customer, Introduces self, provides Duration for time expectation, full Explanation of procedure and process, Thanks the customer for choosing JSMC Diagnostic Imaging Services.

Consistently wears required radiation / ring monitoring with appropriate placement.

Reviews order, patient’s chart and any pertinent information before proceeding with the diagnostic study. Consults with the radiologist, cardiologist, or attending physician if further clarification is needed.

Follows proper patient identification protocol by using the two determined Patient Identifiers. Checks patient’s arm band with order / request, has the patient to repeat name and date of birth.

Demonstrates competency with appropriate documentation within the patient’s chart. Follows hospital protocol when documenting within the patient’s chart. Communicates pertinent information to persons responsible for the care of the patient following the procedure.

Determines and possesses the ability to deliver age appropriate patient care.

Completes all required daily maintenance to include QC testing on the Point of Care iStat. Possesses solid working knowledge of unit.

Complies with HIPAA, protecting patient privacy at all times. Assures all patient documents are kept private and that all computer screens are closed out after the completion of each patient procedure.

Consistently informs the Radiologist, Surgeon, or Cardiologist of any changes in the patient’s condition during the procedure.

Informs and educates the patient and/or family regarding the diagnostic imaging procedure. Ascertains patient and/or family understanding level before proceeding with the procedure.

Properly screens all Diagnostic Imaging Invasive and Cath Lab patients receiving contrast media for contrast allergies and medication contraindication. Completes “Contrast Assessment Form” and “Medication Reconciliation Form” before injecting any contrast media. Obtains Serum Creatinine lab levels before injecting contrast media. Informs radiologist of any abnormal lab values, allergies, or medication contraindications before injecting contrast media.

Completes all required patient assessment forms appropriately and routes form to correct area for distribution to Medical Records: Medication Reconciliation Form, Consent Forms; etc.

Completes all required patient forms, pre, entra, and post documentations as related to the procedure.

Follows proper sterile and aseptic techniques during venous puncture access (IV or butterfly) and/or injections. Assures all contrast and/or medications are properly labeled; expiration dates are verified.

Demonstrates competency in Infection Control. Carefully washes hands before and after each patient or uses hand sanitizing foam.

Follows at all times patient safety guidelines. Assures that the patient is attended to at all times.

Positions and drapes each patient appropriately on the procedure imaging table. Protects the patient’s right to privacy at all times.

Demonstrates competency with the Clinic Care Station, McKesson Radiology Management, Orders Management, and Resource Scheduling System and HMI PACS. Meticulously records all pertinent procedure information within the Radiology Management System. Starts and completes each procedure as required before sending to HMI PACS for radiologist review, interpretation, and storage.

Contacts each scheduled outpatient, getting contrast study the day prior to their procedure to complete the pre-procedure assessment requirements; such as Medication Reconciliation; etc. Provides patient with an explanation of the procedure and instructions as well as addresses any questions or concerns.

Consistently performs Patient Call Back process on all patients receiving invasive procedures in the Diagnostic Imaging Department within 3-5 days post procedure.

Possesses solid working knowledge of all EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system.

During Computer “Downtime” assures that the proper “Downtime” procedures and processes are carried out.

Demonstrates competency with all Cath Lab / Diagnostic Imaging Invasive procedures, follows set protocol, and practices sterile technique to prevent cross-contamination. Possesses the ability to assist the radiologist / surgeon in a variety of invasive procedures.

Assist in operating radiologic equipment under the direction of the x-ray technologist and / or physician.

Possesses the ability to intervene according to ACLS guidelines during an emergency situation.

Demonstrates knowledge of cardiovascular anatomy and physiology, EKG interpretation, and hemodynamic monitoring, etc.

Demonstrates competency with all invasive diagnostic imaging procedures, follows set protocol, and practices sterile technique to prevent cross-contamination. Assures all procedure required supplies / instruments are readily available before starting procedure. Assures all appropriate patient forms are completed and available before any invasive x-ray procedure is performed. Participates and assures a “TIME OUT” is completed before starting any invasive x-ray procedure, with all involved staff members present for the “TIME OUT”.

Consistently informs the Radiologist of all pertinent patient information before and after each x-ray procedure. Notifies the Radiologist or Referring Physician of any “Critical Test Results” immediately.

Ensures appropriate radiation safety guidelines are followed at all times (ALARA). Properly shields the patient as applicable. Follows the ACR and Radiologist guidelines for Radiation Dose Control.

Follows all regulatory requirements as set by the Federal, State, ACR, and Joint Commission.

Completes all work before leaving shift. Hands off any pertinent patient information before leaving shift, to the appropriate staff member.

Maintains inventory to ensure proper quantity of supplies are kept within patient assessment area. Consistently secures all cabinets and supply room door to prevent tampering with supplies. Assures all medications are in date and kept secure at all times. Keeps work area clean and orderly.

Assures the Cath Lab area is kept clean and in a state of order. Reports to Housekeeping in a timely manner any cleaning or linen needs.

Assesses work area environment for any patient / visitor / employee safety hazards. Reports all safety issues immediately.

Consistently assures all life support carts, oxygen hook–ups, suction devices, are maintained properly and excellent working order at all times. Notifies the appropriate area for any replacements or problems.

Documents all crash cart, emergency equipment, pyxis, and medicine / narcotic checks according to department protocol.

Participates in orientation and training of new employees and student nurses.

Assures that all inpatients are transferred back to their rooms in a timely manner / within less than 10 minutes time frame post procedure. Communicates with patient transport services / assures patient is returned by the radiology staff within the allotted time frame if transport services are unavailable.

Uses time wisely. Remains consistently productive at all times.

Refrains from texting, internet viewing, and personal phone calls during on duty hours. Takes care of all personal communications during allotted staff breaks.

Possesses professional “Customer Friendly” telephone etiquette.

Attends required monthly departmental meetings (8 out of 12). Completes all required in services within allotted time frame.

Maintains current Certifications, state licenses, BLS, ACLS, PALS, and continuing education requirements.

Consistently maintains a good rapport and cooperative / professional working relationship with JSMC physicians, departmental staff, hospital staff, patients, families and hospital visitors.

Under the direction of the radiologists or manager, performs all additional duties as assigned.

Consistently practices and possesses solid understanding of modality specific skill checklist(s).

Required Skills

Minimum Education: Graduate of an approved school of nursing.

Required Skills: BLS Certification - American Heart Association (Healthcare Provider) or American Red Cross (Healthcare Provider) required, must be current.

ACLS Certification. PALS Certification.

Required Experience

Minimum Work Experience: One year as a Cardiovascular Nurse, including CCU, ICU, and ER preferred.